We like our producers local, our food ethically sourced, and our flavour pimpin'.


Tequeños / Vegan Tequeños
Deep fried wonton pastry fingers filled with mozzarella, haloumi & jalapeños OR vegan cheese & jalapeños | 15

Cauliflower nuggets
Deep fried cauliflower bites with avocado cream (vegan, contains nuts) | 12
Salchipapas / Vegan Salchipapas

Peruvian loaded fries with chorizo, kabana, olive mayo, mustard, tomato sauce and garlic mayo (df) | 17
Vegan version available with vegan sausage (contains nuts)

Saucy Wench Dumplings

Pork & wombok OR shiitake & garlic chives served with garlic & eschalot vinaigrette | 15
Papas Nativas
Deep fried purple congo & dutch cream potatoes with uchucuta cream and amarillo chilli mayonnaise (vegan) | 16
Miso Panca wings
Buffalo-style wings with nori dust and blue cheese sauce | 17



Morcilla burger

Blood sausage and beef pattie, mustard greens, tomato, fontina cheese, house-made dill pickles, mustard and burnt tomato & vegemite mayo | 19


The Rooben

House-made kangaroo pastrami, berry-pickled cabbage, raclette cheese, dill pickles, mustard & burnt garlic russian dressing on rye | 19


Felafel wrap

House-made felafel, smoky babaganoush, achiote tahini sauce, red cabbage, tomato, cucumber, red onion, pickles (vegan) | 18


Tongue tacos

3 soft corn tortillas with beef tongue, salsa verde, queso fresco, and coriander & onion salsa (gf) | 19


Mushroom and corn truffle tacos

3 soft corn tortillas with panca marinated mushrooms, Peruvian corn, corn truffle sauce, queso fresco, guacamole, and coriander & onion salsa

(gf, vegan option with house made cashew queso fresco) | 18


Lomo Saltado

Eye fillet wok-fried in a Peruvian style jus with tomato, onions, heirloom potato and black rice (df, gf) | 28


Tallarines Verdes

Linguine in warrigal greens pesto, topped with grana padano, fried egg and your choice of  crumbed sirloin OR crumbed field mushroom (veg)| 24

Ramen Thursday

Mongrel’s non-traditional ramen. Available Thursdays from lunch until sold out.


Tantanmen ramen

Chicken, miso, chilli & sesame broth topped with minced chicken, kailan, karanegi, bamboo shoots, nori, burnt garlic oil & half egg  (mild) | 17.5


Vegan mushroom ramen

Mushroom, sesame & miso broth topped with glazed & grilled field mushroom, crispy enoki, pickled shiitake, kailan, bamboo shoots, nori & burnt garlic oil | 17.5


Friday, Saturday & Sunday until sold out


Mongrel ceviche

The Mongrel take on this classic Peruvian seafood dish. Fresh goldband snapper cured in yellow chilli tiger’s milk with red onion, coriander, toasted chulpi corn & burnt sweet potato (gf, df) | 26


House-made brownie with boozy ganache (contains nuts)​ | 12